A creative direction + digital marketing agency, helping rising brands thrive with disruptive innovation.

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We bring creative visions to life, allowing brands to push boundaries and stand out in a sea of uniformity.

Each project takes on a fresh mindset and unique approach, to award ground-breaking players with ground-breaking strategies.

Developing refreshing, proactive digital marketing strategies.

Introducing digital strategies that promote adaptive evolvement to changing industries and unparalleled growth opportunities for your brand.​

Bringing your brand to life with innovative social media curation.

Creating a unique and distinctive social media presence for your brand, through artistic direction and engaging content development.

Streamlining growth with creative back-end solutions.

Integrating effective email and SMS marketing strategies to promote brand loyalty, while fuelling sustainable growth and success.

Creating unique blog content for optimized brand awareness.

Implementing long form content strategies to help you bring your platform to a heightened level with strategic copywriting and SEO optimization.


Our Clients


“Zurii has been an invaluable partner for both my companies, KLNKfnd and Ergopathics, and continues to be as these companies evolve.  From web strategy to social media management and paid campaigns,  their creative ideas are well thought out with clear objectives. They have executed digital marketing strategies in an efficient and timely manner and are also very resourceful in sourcing design elements and managing entire campaigns.  We look forward to our continued relationship with Zurii.”

KLNKfnd & Ergopathics

—  Renaldo Saikali, Co-Founder

Dominique Desmarais

Founder & Creative Director

The Caffeinated Creative.

The Canadian "Sorry" Teller.

The Savvy Strategist.

Our Team


Senior Project Manager

The Synergy Specialist.

The Collaborative Croatian.

The Chief of Happiness.


Digital Content Creator

The Content Connoisseur.

The Fiesty Filipino.

The Aesthetics Aficionado.


Partnerships Specialist

The Happy Hustler.

The Canadian Extrovert.

The Ray of Sunshine.


Let's Get Into It.

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